Tips for a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential to an individuals health & wellbeing.  At Burkes Pharmacy, we have drawn up a list of tips that will assist you to get a great nights sleep and ensure you wake ready for the next day.


  1. Ensure you are comfortable in your bed.  You should have a comfortable bed in quiet area.
  2. Darkness is important as light can impact on sleep. The dawn light will help you wake naturally and sets your biological clock. Try leaving a small gap in the curtains.
  3. Ensure your room is warm and cosy, but not too warm as high temperatures impair sleep.
  4. A hot bath or shower prior to bedtime opens the blood vessels in hands, face and feet, releasing heat and aiding sleep.
  5. If you are not sleeping properly at night, avoid daytime naps – no matter how tired you feel. Try and wait until the following evening and get a proper nights sleep.
  6. Exercise aids sleep and set the internal clock. Don’t over-exercise just before bed-time though!
  7. Try and avoid eating late as it raises the body temperature and impairs sleep. Ideally eat at least two hours before bedtime.
  8. Focus on your breathing and deliberately slow it down. This reduces heart rate, blood pressure and helps you relax.
  9. Don’t work in bed. Working whilst in bed causes your brain to associate bed with wakefulness and not sleep.
  10. It is best not to work, use your mobile or email just before bedtime so you are properly relaxed when going to bed.
  11. Aromotherapy such as lavender oil can aid sleep, if used as part of your bedtime routine.
  12. Herbal remedies may be very useful without being habit forming.
    1. Valerenic acid is known as a traditional herbal treatment for mild anxiety and nervousness but it also helps to overcome sleep disturbances.
    2. Kalms Sleep is an effective combination herbal remedy which helps to  promote a refreshing natural night’s sleep – without causing drowsiness the next day.
    3. Vitamin B complex is very important for the nervous system and can aid in treatment of depression, stress and fatigue