An allergic response is a response where a person produces high levels of IgE (immunoglobulin) antibodies as a result of the introduction of a  substance that isn’t normally dangerous to the body.


Many allergies are inconvenient and cause distress to the sufferer.  Others are dangerous and require immediate medical attention (peanut allergy or seafood allergy).


Talk to your Pharmacist to see if an antihistamine may help if you believe you suffer from allergies.


Common allergens include pollens (hayfever), animal hairs, feathers or some foods.


Symptoms of an allergy include rashes and redness on the skin, watering eyes or repetitive sneezing or the appearance of oedema (swelling) after ingesting particular food.


Some of these symptoms can be confused with other illnesses, it is therefore useful to know if you are allergic to something or not.