Bad breath (halitosis) is a common problem and affects most people to some degree at some point in their life. For some people Bad Breath can cause more severe problems. Unfortunately, the person with bad breath is usually unaware of their problem and it is the people around them that notice it.


Most bad breath originates in the mouth & can often be caused by odorous food that is eaten (e.g. garlic).


Ongoing bad breathe is often caused by growth of certain bacteria in an oral cavity, between teeth and in pits on the back of the tongue. This bacteria break down food particles and malodorous sulphur gases are released causing bad breath.


If you have a continuous problem with bad breath, you should seek the advise of your dentist to ensure you do not have an infection.


There are many breath fresheners available to freshen breath, many of which work by masking the odour with a more pleasant odour.   Other breath fresheners, such as CB12 neutralise the problem by preventing the origin of gases in the mouth.