Cystitis is common complaint in women and uncommon in men. It can treated effectively using preparations available at your local Burkes pharmacy but only when the symptoms are mild.


Any man or child under 15 years of age complaining of cystitis symptoms should speak with their local pharmacist or doctor.


The first symptom of cystitis is an itching or a pricking sensation in the urethra (the tube down which urine comes). The desire to pass urine becomes frequent (a few painful drops may be all that passes when you attempt to urinate), throughout day and night. Pain occurs on passing urine, which may be cloudy or strong smelling.


If you are only suffering mild discomfort and if the condition is present for less than three days then you can use a preparation available from the pharmacy. If your symptoms are severe (especially if there are signs of blood or pus in the urine) and/or present for more than three days or if you have a fever, then you should speak to the pharmacist or your doctor. If you have used a preparation for the treatment of cystitis without success or if you are suffering from frequent bouts of cystitis call in to your local pharmacist for more advice.


Tell the pharmacist or healthcare advisor if you are taking any other medication. If you are pregnant, have kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease many of the over-the-counter preparations are unsuitable and you will have to visit your GP.




We advise CYSTOPURIN sachets to give fast and effective relief from the symptoms of mild cystitis. CYSTOPURIN works by reducing the amount of acid in the urine and so reducing the burning sensation caused by that acid. The course should be started at the first sign of an attack and should be continued for 48 hours (one sachet in a glass of water every 8 hours), to have full effect, even if you feel better after only a few hours. The drink, when made up is a pleasant, clear citrus or cranberry flavoured drink.


Practical Points:


  • During a bout of cystitis, drink as much water as possible, (at least 6 pints per day as well as the CYSTOPURIN).
  • Alcohol, fruit juices, coffee and strong teas should be avoided.
  • Urine should be passed regularly.
  • To help prevent cystitis in the future, you should drink plenty of fluids every day, and should always go to the toilet as soon as you feel the need to pass urine. Perfumes, deodorants and perfumed soaps should be avoided in the vaginal area.
  • Personal hygiene is essential, especially before sexual intercourse - VAGISILproducts should be used in this particularly sensitive area.
  • BIOFORCE UVA-URSI COMPLEX is a herbal urinary antiseptic which may be useful for treating or preventing cystitis.
  • Cranberry capsules can also help relieve symptoms