Did you know?………


Heart disease is the number one killer of people with diabetes?


A lot has been done to improve our knowledge of cholesterol and what it is. Most of us know that high levels of cholesterol can lead to heart disease. We are also being educated that we need to moderate or reduce our intake of fat and get our cholesterol levels checked periodically.


Did you know however…….


 With diabetes the rules are not necessarily the same and when it comes to cholesterol, what is considered low enough for somebody without diabetes can actually be considered too high got somebody with diabetes.


Your risk of heart disease can be reduced and maybe even prevented by making appropriate lifestyle changes. One of these should be having our cholesterol levels checked.



At Burkes Pharmacy we recognise the risk to diabetic patients and we want to offer you a screening of your cholesterol levels. This is a regular service that we offer to all our patients.


Please phone your nearest Burkes Pharmacy and make an appointment.