Tips to Reducing Exam Stress:


1. Eat a Balanced Diet, that is rich in vitamins and proteins e.g Green leafy veg and fresh fruits.   Avoid: food with a high fat content, tea, coffee, and fizzy drinks – these can give you a short lift, but in the long-term and large quantities can make you feel sick and interrupt your sleep pattern.

A Multivitamin supplement can be very beneficial around exams times to keep the immune system boosted.


 2. Exercise is very important to help you de-stress.  It also helps to boost your energy levels.   Try a short brisk walk in the fresh air every day.


3. Sleep well, it is important to relax for about an hour before you go to sleep.  Don’t go straight from books to bed!  Try to keep a regular bedtime so your sleep cycle stays constant during exam times.

If you have problems sleeping a gentle herbal sleeping aid may help. Ask our pharmacist for more information to see if this is appropriate to you.


4. Develop a timetable and stick to it.  Be sure it includes time to relax and de-stress in between study sessions.


5. Take short breaks regularly to prevent mental fatigue.  When you feel that you are losing concentration, take a short break, get a drink or get some fresh air.

Note: a multivitamin containing ginseng can help to boost your mental function and concentration.


6. Avoid alcohol.  Some people may say it helps them relax but it has a negative impact on your short term memory.  Definitely not what you want when sitting exams!  It also depletes vital vitamins and minerals leading to irritability and increased stress.