Burkes Pharmacy top tips for defusing unwanted hair:


Hair reduction creams are proving popular.  Hair reduction creams and serums like Bioxet give good result and involve daily use.  Bioxet has been proven to give 46% reduction after 3 months and total reduction after 8 months.


Shaving is one of the simplest and most commonly used methods of hair removal, but also lasts the shortest amount of time because hair is removed at skin level only and hair reappears in one to four days.


  • Change blades after five uses to minimise nicks and cuts
  • Use a shaving gel or oil, rather than soap, to prevent friction burn
  • Shave upwards against the hair growth for a smooth finish


A hair removal cream orlotion chemically dissolves hair at the skin’s surface, and is then rinsed away with water. Choose from brands like Nair or Veet (previously known as Imaac).   This method leaves the skin silky smooth.


  • Use the spatula included with the tube to remove the cream – it helps break down the hair, making removal quicker
  • Choose formulas designed for sensitive skin if you’ve previously experienced stinging and depilation creams


With waxing, warm or cold wax is applied to the skin encasing each hair. The wax is then stripped off to remove hair from below the skin’s surface. Results can last from six to eight weeks.


  • Make sure your skin is clean, dry and free from moisturiser. A light dusting of talcum powder will help give the wax a better grip
  • Don’t allow wax strips to stay on the skin – pull off immediately
  • Wear bikini bottoms when waxing your bikini line, removing hair that grows below the fabric. Support the areas as you remove the strip to ensure swift hair removal and help minimise pain.