This is a non-serious but troublesome condition. It is described as the frequent passage of small volumes of stools rather than true diarrhoea. The stools are variable in nature, often loose and semi-formed. The frequency of bowel action is also variable as diarrhoea may alternate with constipation. The condition is more likely to occur at times of stress, and may be associated with a bowel infection. Inadequate dietary fibre may also be of significance.




If you have already taken anything to treat symptoms tell the healthcare advisor at your local pharmacy. A number of products are available especially for IBS. COLPERMIN CAPSULES have peppermint oil as their ingredient which is excellent for normalising digestion and can combat the constipation, diarrhoea, bloating and cramping that characterise IBS.


FYBOGEL MEBERVERINE sachets are useful when constipation associated with cramping is the primary symptom. They are also useful for patients who find it difficult to increase their fibre intake through diet alone.


Oral rehydration therapy is the first line of treatment for anybody with diarrhoea. Rehydration should be started even if referral to doctor is advised.


An effective anti-diarrhoeal may be recommended for use in older children and adults. Do not use in children under 12 years of age and always use in conjunction with oral rehydration.