Low blood pressure is not a disease, but a symptom of something else.  Low blood pressure can cause dizziness.


Most sufferers will notice a reason from their dizziness like:


  • not eating for a few hours or
  • not drinking enough fluids or
  • standing up very quickly or
  • having a hot bath.


How might you prevent these dizzy spells caused by Low Blood Pressure?


Keep yourself well hydrated especially in hot weather.  Remember that caffeine reduces the amount of fluids you have so excess consumption should be avoided.


Do not leave really long periods of time without eating.  It may be as simple as having some fruit always to hand.  A quarter of an orange is a great way to make sure your sugar levels do not drop between meals on a hectic day.


When standing up, do it gradually to allow your body time to pump blood to your brain.  If you feel dizzy – sit again, and then get your blood pumping by wiggling your toes or swinging your legs.  Then slowly try again.


If you still feel these dizzy spells please approach the pharmacist or your GP.  If you are on medication- ask the pharmacist if it might be causing your dizzy spells.  If you have lost a lot of weight recently again check with your pharmacist or doctor if any of your medication doses need to be adjusted.  Never ever change the way you take your medication without asking your health professional first!


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