What You Need to Know About Morning Sickness


For many mums morning sickness can be a real worry as well as being very unpleasant. There are cures for morning sickness symptoms though which can help alleviate the nausea and help you to progress smoothly through your pregnancy. We take a look at the causes of morning sickness and the natural cures for morning sickness below…

What is morning sickness?


Morning sickness affects many women at some point during pregnancy and the effects can vary greatly from person to person. Some women experience very mild nausea (or even none at all) while other women are nauseous to the point of actual vomiting. The length of time morning sickness lasts can alter greatly between different women, lasting for just the first few months of pregnancy or continuing right up until labour. Other symptoms of pregnancy which accompany morning sickness include backaches, tiredness, food cravings and constipation.

What causes morning sickness?


The actual cause of morning sickness is not known although there are various different theories as to why it occurs. Some experts believe morning sickness occurs due to an increase in the progesterone hormone which causes the uterus muscles to relax and possibly causes the stomach and intestines to relax as well which leads to excess stomach acids. Other theories include an increased sensitivity to smells which triggers nausea and some experts point to low blood sugar levels as a potential cause

How can I alleviate morning sickness?


If you do experience morning sickness then it’s always advisable to ask your doctor for advice and treatment as they may prescribe anti-nausea medication. There are many natural cures for morning sickness which you may wish to try to see which one works for you. Ones we find work are anti-nausea wrist bands and lillipops iced smoothies.


Eating small meals regularly can keep your stomach full without it feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Eating plain foods such as rice, toast, crackers and cereal can often be easier to keep down and keep your energy levels up. When it comes to food cravings it’s often best to go with your instincts and accommodate the food you’re really craving and avoid the food you have an aversion to so you are giving your body what it wants.


Sucking on ice cubes is a good way to stay hydrated if you can’t face drinking liquids.