Mouth ulcers are sore raised areas occurring inside the mouth due to local infection, allergy, injury or the use of some medicines. They are white or yellow with an inflamed outer edge. They are usually positioned on the margin of the tongue or inside lips and cheeks and can be very painful.


They will disappear alone in about a week, but treatment can speed this up. Patients with mouth ulcers may have difficulty eating and so may benefit from a multivitamin afterwards. Studies have also shown that the presence of ulcers may be a sign of vitamin B-complex deficiency. Good oral hygiene is essential to the prevention of mouth ulcers.
Loose dentures or orthodontic appliances may be injuring the mouth to cause the problem. If you have used a preparation already in the treatment of the ulcers, what was it and how long have you been using it? If this preparation did not help, ask to speak to the pharmacist. Tell the pharmacist if you are feeling ill in any other way or if you are on any other medication.




One of the best products in the treatment of mouth ulcers is a gel called CARBOSAN. This contains a drug named carbenoxolone, which has also been used to treat stomach ulcers. It sticks to the ulcer and forms a crusty cap over it, preventing passing food from injuring it. Meanwhile, the carbenoxolone works underneath the cap to speed the healing process. The ulcer should be patted dry with a tissue, and a thick coating of gel applied from a clean dry finger, after meals and at bedtime.


If you dislike this gritty gel, an excellent mouthwash (DIFFLAM) is available that will quickly kill the pain of ulcers and speed the healing process by acting as an anti-inflammatory.


They are both suitable for those over 3 years.


ALOCLAIR MOUTHWASH forms a film over mouth ulcers allowing faster healing and is ideal for mouth ulcers in awkward to reach places or when there are a number of ulcers at the same time.


Recurrent mouth ulcers can be sign of being run down and a good multivitamin (e.g. SONA MULTIPLUS) may be useful in preventing them in future.